Song Of The Birds

Early in the morning, I hear them
Sing a full spectrum of harmonies
As if saying to all living beings to
Rise up and go on
Spin the wheels of life on Earth
And go do what you were meant to do before
Sleep and calm befell upon every corner of the land
That you found yourself in
Early in the morning, I hear them

Halfway across the world
In a jungle of bricks, leaves and everything in between
The sound is different but
The message still clearly the same
Reminding that today is another day and one must
Rise up and go on
Lay another brick on this project we call
Life, day after day
I still hear them

No matter where I go, except
In the farthest corners of the land where
Life struggles to exist and silence befalls like a spell
As if still asleep, forgotten to
Rise up and go on
To take a step toward further existence in the fight
Against an overwhelming nothingness that
Takes hold in the forgotten corners of the world where
The guardians above the clouds cannot reach

Early in the morning, I hear them
Touch every cell in my body with a soft
Melodic vibration which
I cannot make up the words, only the intent and
Consistency of each day that from 
High above the heavens
The Divine itself lifts me by my underarms
Like a child in need of a push to
Rise up and go on